No Closet? No Problem!

No Closet? No Problem!

Do you have a bedroom that lacks closet space? What are you going to do with all of your stuff? We are here to tell you that there is a solution, and an easy one at that! Here are 5 simple, yet effective tips, to get you headed in the right direction!


1. If you do not love it, lose it!
We get it, its hard to part with your stuff. The thing is.. if you haven’t worn the item in six months, you should toss/donate. It’s just taking up space and creating clutter. If you are unsure about getting rid of clothing try the turning the hanger trick. Hang all of your items the same way (which we are seriously hoping you do anyway) and when you remove an item turn the hanger. If three months passes and the hanger isn’t turned, toss it.
2. Velvet Hangers

This little trick makes a world of difference. You will truly be blown away by how much space those bulky plastic hangers are taking up. Velvet hangers are going to easily triple your space. Trust us, this is HUGE!

3. Clothing Racks Galore

Clothing racks can be better than a built in closet. I mean, really, you get to pick out your closet organization style. How neat is that? There are so many options to chose from as well. From wooden shelves (check out what our Ami did in the photos above) to metal clothes rack the options are endless.

4 Utilize Wall Space

Weather you only have a corner space or an entire wall, any space can be utilized. Combining a little dresser with sturdy shelving gets the job done and can add style to a room. This is where creativity, organization, and style meet.

5 Dress it Up!
It’s all in the details! Check out how Ami added curtains to her closet and went from open concept to completely concealed. The plants and baskets add extra storage and tie into the farmhouse vibe. FYI baskets are always your BFF in any room and plants add life and good vibes so you can’t go wrong. If you’re leaning more towards embracing open concept think about adding some metallics and a tiny photo or two. The baskets above are holding all of Ami’s overnight bags and smaller purses.
If you’re loving Ami’s closet like we do here’s links to the items she purchased off Amazon to create it. Shelving UnitCurtain RodHangersCurtains
Article written by Stephanie Coffey, Realtor Sales Associate of Coastline Realty in Cape May.

Photos and closet supplied by ami menz, broker associate of coastline realty in cape may.