Villas, NJ – Market Recap 2016-2021 – Average Sale Price

Villas, New Jersey is located with Lower Township at the southern tip of Cape May County. The area is primarily residential and consisting of single family homes. Businesses & commercial properties are concentered along the main road bisecting Villas called Bayshore Road. Take a look at Villas real estate market trends below for the average sale price and the number of properties having been sold in Villas from 2016 to 2021.

2021 saw the average selling price of a Villas property rise dramatically by $68,134 (26.7%) compared to 2020’s average sale price. Compared to 2016 the average selling price has risen by nearly 103% / $163,649!!! During this time the number of properties selling has risen from 220 in 2016 and peaking at 327 in 2020.

In 2021 the number of properties sold dropped slightly to 308 due to low inventory. The number of properties coming onto the market dipped and was far outpaced by the number of buyers looking to purchase in the area.

Above is a look at the Cape May Beach area located within Villas. This specific area is the southern most portion of Villas and is nestled between the Delaware Bay and Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management area. Much like the greater Villas area, Cape May Beach saw a dramatic rise in property values starting in 2020 and peaking in 2021.

The average sale price skyrocketed by 50.7% / $230,529 between 2020 and 2021. The number of properties sold lowered slightly from 27 down to 22 between the two years.

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Date provided in this article was taken from the Cape May County Multiple Listing System and is considered accurate, but no guaranteed.